Class Description

Reformer Class: Build strength, stability, flexibility, coordination and balance while focusing on proper breathing technique. The wide range of exercises are done from various positions and creates a complete body workout for anyone at any physical ability. These classes may but are not limited to include mat work, board work, and cardio. 

Jump Board: Fun and energetic class which challenges your body in a new way. The Jump Board elevates your heart rate to assist with weight loss and muscle building. The instructors integrate the Jump Board with intervals of your favorite reformer exercises which strengthen, lengthen, and sculpt from your core outward. 

Pilates Mix: Mix it up with our Pilates Mix class! 20 minutes of jump board, 20 minutes of board work, and 20 minutes on the reformer. A great way to combine your cardio and strength training all in one class. 

Class Packages:

Drop-In Class: $20

10 Pack (10classes):$150

20 Pack (20 classes):$280

30 day Unlimited (one per day):$185

New Student Package (1 private & 5 sessions):$125

Private Sessions:

1 private session:$70

5 pack(5 private sessions):$300

*New student package for new clients only and one time purchase

*Packages are non refundable and non transferable

*Body by Pilates requires a 4 hour cancelation notice(loss of class or day from package) 

*All packages have an expiration date(10packs-3 months, 20packs-6months,New-student package-1month).

*No extensions on packages unless a medical issue and previously arranged with the studio. 

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